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Jussieu Campus: Another Parisian Pastel Surprise

Jussieu Campus

The atrium of #Jussieu Campus at Pierre and Marie Curie University in Paris shelters a bursting pastel surprise for students and visitors alike. The laboratory and lecture building, designed by Peripheriques architectes, is a playground for the university’s science students. The multi-level hallways are carved with pill-shaped balconies with backdrops of visually stimulating hues. Too captivating to be hidden inside a campus, far from the public’s eye. It can pass as a setting for a great suspense thriller, a children’s show or a sci-fi movie.

Wes Anderson vibes

Seeing the drama of colours in this building evokes strong ‘Wes Anderson’ vibes. For those unfamiliar with W. Anderson, he is not regarded as a mere filmmaker; he is a real artist. One of his most iconic movies is The Grand Budapest Hotel released in 2014. His films are a meticulous work of art with astounding emphasis on scene symmetry, whimsical colour schemes, and idiosyncratic directional style. Beyond the story analysis that creeps up your thoughts when watching, it is also fascinating to study how he constructs every positional detail. One notable example would be the aesthetics applied on arguably his best movie, Fantastic Mr. Fox. Have a look on YouTube videos about his works and you’ll understand what I mean. Few write-ups have been interestingly written on Accidental Wes Anderson spots in real-life.

How to get in

The front guards don’t let non-students, non-faculty to enter especially for photoshoot purposes. It is a campus for learners, after all. You can tell from their string of questions that many others have definitely tried to push their luck. Well, can you blame them? We almost gave up on this exploit ourselves. Trick to share: pass by the back gates and make the charm work wonders.

How the humble façade of the atrium looks like. #Jussieu

Whatever inimitable travel goals you have, share the experience with us. Could it be:

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