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about is a travel blogsite of Allen John (pseudo: Alln Shaun). He predominantly cares about two things - PEOPLE and TRAVEL. A nurse and an explorer. A Filipino and a Londoner. Nursing the land of royals 6672 miles away from #7107 home.

A 90’s kid who is passionate of outdoor inklings. He eats adrenaline for breakfast and a strip of white sand for lunch. He skydived in The Palm, Dubai; dipped in Iceland's blue lagoon; survived Parisian streets by his lonesome; partied wet in a boat off the coast of Ibiza; has seen the Pope, the Queen, and the Little Mermaid. PHEW. Airports are his second home.

He is a dreamer – fancies to visit (at least) 30 countries before he turns 30. Join him and be part of the quest!

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